Reigning from the center of the universe, Pella, IA USA, local rock heroes Andlasin, Marta, and Keet formed the universe-famous rock band BallisticA in 2004 A.D. and have played at sold out arenas in all 195 countries on Earth.

Although BallisticA remains the most popular and successful band of all time, dark times fell on BallisticA in 2006 when Andlasin "lost" nearly all the band's financial proceeds. These funds were used to purchase groceries to feed the band, which fueled their rigorous tour schedule. Grocery items included but were not limited to: Lays Original Stacks.

The band members parted ways in 2008 after becoming individual trillionaires from their incalculable success. Although all of humanity wishes for the launch of another BallisticA tour, all the money in the world is not enough to pay these Titans of the music industry to return.